To balance man power shortage in both professional and skilled workers local and international community through job solutions. We pursue Transformational benefit that is based on personal ability and knowledge but not limited to country of origin and nationality.


  • Elevate a standard of living through job solutions.
  • Encourage a Japanese company to employ foreign nationals as a solution to manpower shortage in Japan.
  • Deepen culture, language, work ethics and standard of understanding with one’s capacity not solely based on the country of origin but with the capacity, training and knowledge of the person.
  • Foster local and international relations among employer -employees through seminar, workshop and community immersion program.
  • Strengthen economic status based on employment with coequal benefit on employer-employee community.
  • Source funds for seminars on social, economic and cultural awareness program.
  • Conduct research on World employment by gathering data on local and international statistic.
  • Provide work according to individual skill to cope with the employers need.
  • Facilitate and promote cooperation both local and international NPO and NGO and other business entities with similar advocacy.