Connecting People Through Job Solutions!

CAP JAPAN is a Non Profit, Non- Government Organization founded with deep understanding about the need for enhancing lives through finding a decent job.
We will help foreign nationals to find a job that will suit to their skills, level of competencies and among others breaking the international barriers though JOB solutions. There is a deep challenge for foreigners who have skills and trainings living outside JAPAN to find work without paying high processing and placement fee. CAP JAPAN will introduce foreign national to a Japanese company, will facilitate the employment process and assists during the duration of employment.女性スタッフ
CAP JAPAN will give assistance to foreign nationals to get familiar and acquainted with Japanese norms, culture, tradition, food and people.

The History Background

With Japan`s aging population and shrinking workforce and be able to meet its future labor needs CAP JAPAN was founded trough basic guidelines.

  • To meet the challenge of finding employees from abroad to patch the limited work force in Japan according to its demographic profile.
  • To offer benefit to the companies who are paying high fees for job advertising.
  • To provide the company’s need for dynamic and active individuals who can deliver or surpass employers’ expectation.


CAP JAPAN income sources will be as follows.

  1. Fees and Contributions
  2. Donations
  3. Grants (Private Companies etc.)
  4. Trustees (CAP JAPAN and others)
  5. Business income and others: Income from seminar fees, and other services


“Internationalization” is the starting point of connection to people. Through CAPJAPAN this will be made possible stands for Connecting All People through Job Specifically Japanese and Foreigners.
“Internationalization” should be felt by every individual, the need to think abroad to broader ways. It is surely difficult and challenging for all foreigners coming to JAPAN same as JAPAN to accept entirely a foreign individual.
Working with foreigners, it will open the feeling of seeing the other world, “the world” as differently seen by others co equivalent to “JAPAN” as viewed by the world. There the addition from which words and deeds, we can grasp the feeling of “hunger” and “gratitude”, the true essence of camaraderie that normally does not weigh so much in the eye of a passerby and a stranger.
While being in the same workplace as a routine, there is a “world” that needs to be realized and be familiar to with “Internationalization”. We will work in the business with full force while also sincerely ask for your understanding and support to everyone working around.
In life it does not matter where part of the globe we came from. What is important is our own personal potential, the hand to extend to others and the genuine care for humanity. Let us not be defined by our economic status and not be limited by our geographic location We are here to create opportunity for others, make peace with one another and show global competitiveness.
Let us build friendly and good working environment focusing to one goal, SUCCESS!
Your determination is an example to inspire others, both mind and heart is empowering us. Wonderful spirit to believe in possibilities and challenges everything even in the most difficult environment.
We would like to help you. Let us work together!